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Ever thought of creating your elearning content from PowerPoint?. Yes, with Zenler you can easily create your eLearning course with PowerPoint as your content creating/editing environment. Zenler Studio is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, eLearning authoring system that offers a coding-free environment for creating top-quality interactive eLearning courses which can be published to multiple output formats, including Flash, HTML5 (or any other mobile devices) and also to any SCORM compliant LMS. Zenler Online lets user deliver, manage and track their training courses

Publish courses on HTML5, Flash and Other Mobile Devices

e-Learning & m-Learning Authoring is now as easy as creating a PowerPoint presentation. With a single click, you can publish your eLearning content in PowerPoint to multiple formats, including Flash, HTML5 and other mobile devices. Publish the same course from Zenler Studiol to HTML5, Flash and Other Mobile devices.

Transform PowerPoint into an eLearning Course Designer

With Zenler Studio user can create interactive SCORM compliant HTML5, Flash Based eLearning courses from right within PowerPoint. Courses created are ready to be published to any Learning Management System (LMS), including Zenler Online LMS. You can also design or edit your Zenler courses even when you are offline and not connected to the internet.

Interactive eLearning Courses in few clicks

Leverage PowerPoint - the most popular and powerful editing environment available. No more expensive HTML5, Flash eLearning content creation. Zenler Studio brings unprecedented power to trainers to create engaging eLearning experiences. Zenler Studio comes with a Course Designer that sits right within PowerPoint and lets anyone create courses with great ease. Select readily available stunning course styles to base your courses on or design your own. Engage your trainees like never before.

Interactive Course Designer (Patent pending)

Our Course Designer (Patent pending) menus can be accessed from the PowerPoint Ribbon and also from the Zenler Course Designer pane right within PowerPoint. Creating a course is very easy. Click the Course Icon and using the course wizard select from the stunning range of pre-defined course structure styles available or create your own. Course Wizard lets you select the number of chapters to be added, select quizzes at end of courses and select the readily available course styles and there you have it – a readily available course style for you to base your content on.

If you want to design your own course structure, you can select that blank course option from the wizard. Add chapters, quizzes, interactions, screen recording using the Zenler course designer pane with a few clicks.

Create HTML5, Flash Quizzes

Zenler Quiz takes a revolutionary approach to creating HTML5, Flash Quizzes. Apply Quizzes directly into PowerPoint and publish the Quiz to HTML5, Flash. Select from a range of amazing Quiz styles. Quizzes can then be published to web ready HTML5, Flash. With just a few clicks you can add your questions, select questions to your question bank, add them to your course. Track the results online on any SCORM compliant LMS. You can also limit the number of quiz attempts and restrict navigation.

Add Rich Interactivity

Zenler Interactivity lets you to add rich eLearning interactivity into your courses with a few clicks. Each interactivity effect is unique, visually stunning and can be easily added and doesn’t require any programming knowledge. It lets you create stunning web ready interactivities like eBook, 3D Cube, Panoramic Zoom, 3D Wall effects and in a few clicks. Transform the way you train your trainees. Interactivity keeps trainees interest alive throughout the training. Engage your trainees and give them a learning experience that makes them come back for more.

Screen Recording

Easy to use Screen Recording allows you to capture your screen video and create quick demos and insert them directly into your Course. Zenler Studio comes with a built-in screen-recorder tool so that no additional software needs to be installed. Simulations are recorded directly into the Course editor. The Screen recorder allows you to easily capture the whole desktop, a portion of screen or a window.

Audio Narration / Video Narration

Give individual touch to present your course by recording narrations. Zenler Studio provides an opportunity to insert Audio and Video narrations in your eLearning course. Importing existing audios and videos or recording them right from within your PowerPoint. Inbuilt recorders helps user to record audio and video narrations into course.

Import Word and PowerPoint Documents

When you have tons of word documents you don’t want to create a slide for each page. Word Import feature allows you to insert Microsoft Word document as an eBook inside the course. Import feature helps the user to easily import Word and also PowerPoint presentations into your course. Using PowerPoint import you can directly import whole presentation or specific slides to the eLearning course thereby you can rapidly create your course easily from your existing PowerPoint slides.

Embed Flash and YouTube Video

Zenler Studio makes it possible to insert a Flash and YouTube video into your course. Make your eLearning course more interesting and dynamic by inserting Flash files and YouTube videos or select any YouTube video that you want to embed in your course.

Presenter and Branding Info

You can add information about the trainer/presenter and branding onto the course player. Trainees can then access information about author easily from the course player.

Scenario Builder

Zenler Studio makes it possible to add interactive scenarios in eLearning courses. Zenler Studio comes with scenario building facility. With this feature user can create eLearning courses with complex scenario in just a few minutes. You can edit existing scenarios, add scenes, add avatars and changing dialogues is just as easy, and you can do it in minutes. No programming skills needed to create these scenarios using Zenler Studio.

Multiple Publishing Formats

Easily deliver your eLearning course anytime anywhere. Zenler Studio allows you to distribute eLearning course the way you want. Easily create SCORM compliant content for Learning Management Systems and track the course effectively. Transform your course into a HTML5, Flash-based course that can be hosted on virtually any Web server and viewed by almost anyone. User can also publish to Zenler Online to track eLearning course activity without the usual cost and hassle.

Sell Your Zenler Courses

With Zenler E-commerce feature user can sell online courses and generate revenue. To enable E-commerce all you need to do is just link up Zenler Online account with your PayPal account and specify prices for your courses. Sellers get direct payments for course sales through PayPal.

Learning Management System Standards Compliance

Zenler Studio generates courses that can be easily uploaded to any SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems. Courses created with Zenler are compatible with virtually all Learning Management Systems, including Moodle, CourseMill, BlackBoard, Zenler Online LMS and many others.

Deliver and Track with Zenler Online

Zenler Online is a Learning Management System (LMS) On the Cloud. With few clicks you can publish your Zenler Courses online, manage, delivery and track trainee’s progress easily. Affordable Monthly subscription plans to choose from, No Setup Fee, Cancel Any Time. All Zenler Online Subscription plans get their own subdomain and are SSL enabled for security. More info »

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“ I have found Zenler Studio a user friendly product. Zenler easily blends into PowerPoint Presentations to create intuitive and professional educational programs. The application does not require programming knowledge, if one can use PowerPoint then Zenler Studio is a breeze. With Zenler Studio Pro creating puzzles and games are made simple. I recommend you try Zenler Studio for yourself! „
Alys Jordan - Distance & Instructional Librarian, Nova South Eastern University


“ Unbelievable!! Its that easy and fast. Zenler provides elearning authors an incredible tool in their own hands to easily create, publish, and update online training and learning interactions. Also Quizzes, ready to use interactivity models, templates etc ..that too within an environment that you already know. „
Gareth jones - Instructional Designer
Dream Health


“ Zenler Studio is highly superior to its competitors in many respects. Its ability to create interactive courses right within PowerPoint takes us to an entirely new level of eLearning development. I would say, this is the only product i see around with a Zero learning curve. „
David Hamilton - e-Learning Consultant | Gradient Groups

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