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Zenler Online is a Learning Management System (LMS) On the Cloud. With few clicks you can publish your Zenler Courses online, manage, delivery and track trainee’s progress easily. Affordable Monthly subscription plans to choose from, No Setup Fee, Cancel Any Time. All Zenler Online Subscription plans get their own subdomain and are SSL enabled for highest possible secure encrypted access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing and Reporting

How do I publish elearning course to Zenler Online?

To publish your Course from Zenler Studio to Zenler Online, follow these steps:

• First save your Zenler Studio Course.

• From the Zenler Studio Publish menu, select 'Publish To Zenler Online...'

• ‘Publish to Zenler Online’ window will open up. Provide Zenler Online account information here.

• Click on the ‘Publish’ button. A ‘Select Player’ window appears. Here user can select the course player background theme. Click the OK button to start the publishing process.

• After finishing the publishing process you will see the message ‘Course has been successfully published to Zenler Online’. Select OK.

You can see all successfully published courses in your Zenler Online Account.

What are the system requirements for course trainers and trainees?

Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac leopard 10.5 Mac Snow leopard 10.6

Browsers: Firefox 3.5 + and above, Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 4+ and above, Google Chrome

Flash Versions: Flash 10.1.102 and above

Is it possible to update an existing Zenler Online course?

At present there is no option to update an existing Zenler Online course. To update an old Zenler Online course with new one simply republish it in the same manner as you did previously.

Is there any file size limit when publishing or uploading course to Zenler Online?

The maximum file size of course uploaded to Zenler Online is 500 MB.

Can my trainees receive a certificate for completing a course?

Yes, Zenler Online provides course completion certificates that are available for trainees to download and print after they’ve passed a course.

Can I get a report of trainee’s completion scores?

Yes. Zenler Online offers a convenient dashboard to let you know who passed or failed your course, as well as a detailed report with complete quiz scores for each trainee.

Course Trainees / Groups

How do my trainees get access to Zenler Online course?

You can add trainees to Zenler Online course individually or with an excel (csv) upload. Once your trainees are in Zenler, simply invite them to your courses. When you activate your course, Zenler will send emails to the trainees you have invited with instructions for getting started.

How do I communicate with my trainees in Zenler Online?

Zenler provides an option to send personal message to course trainees. The messages send to the trainee’s email address which used to register in Zenler.

How do I import a bulk list of trainees in Zenler Online?

• Login to your Zenler Online account.

• Go to Trainees - Add New Trainees - Import from file.

• Download the templates.csv file.

• Insert your data into the import template. Please keep the structure of the file. Enter one trainee details per row. First name, Last name and Email fields are required, other fields are optional.

• Save your csv file.

• Upload the template file with your data.

• Click on the 'Add' button to finish import process.

Why bulk trainee import fails in Zenler Online?

Is there any file size limit when publishing or uploading course to Zenler Online?

Following are some of the reasons for trainee import fail:

• A row in your CSV file contains any extra commas.

• Any fields exceeds maximum character limit.

• Required field left blank. First name, last name and email are required.

• Maximum file size exceeded. File size is limited to 100 Mb.

Is there any limit for group creation in Zenler Online?

No, you can create unlimited number of groups in Zenler Online.

What is the advantage of creating group in an account?

Using group trainer can grant access to course for more than one trainee and assign and manage course in bulk. Group can be people in a department, region, etc.

Account Settings

How can I change Zenler Online account name?

To change your Zenler Online account name, please do the following:

1. Login to your Zenler Online account.

2. Click the Settings tab within your Zenler Online account.

3. Choose the 'Change Account' option.

4. Input your New Account Name in the field provided.

5. Click the 'Save' button to save your changes.

How can I add a custom logo to my Zenler Online account login page?

Zenler Online allows you to add a custom logo to your login page, which your trainees will see when they login to your account.

To add logo to account login page, please do the following:

1. Login to your Zenler Online account.

2. Click the Settings tab within your Zenler Online account.

3. Choose the 'Change Logo' option.

4. Browse to an image from your local computer.

5. Click the 'Save' button to upload your logo.

Account logo not displaying properly, what’s the recommended image ratio?

If you upload bigger images for logo it will resized automatically. The recommended logo image sizes is 250px X 80px

What are the supported image formats for account logo?

You can upload BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG file. Do not upload copyrighted, obscene or any other material which violates Zenler's terms of use.

How can I change Zenler Online account URL?

To change your Zenler Online account url, please do the following:

1. Login to your Zenler Online account.

2. Click the Settings tab within your Zenler Online account.

3. Choose the 'Change Account' option.

4. Input your New Account URL in the field provided.

Click the 'Save' button to save your changes.

I forgot my Zenler Online account password. What should I do?

1. Go to the account Sign In page.

2. Click on Forgot Password link.

3. Enter your email (the one with which you have signed up with Zenler Online).

4. We will instantly send your account details at your email.

Account and Purchase

How long is the Zenler Online free trial?

Our free trial offers 30-days of unlimited use.

Are there any limitations on the free trial?

Using Zenler Online you can manage upto 30 trainees only. There is no limitation for the courses and quizzes.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

You can choose from any of paid plans to continue using Zenler Online after your trial ends. Contact us and we'll help you select the perfect solution for your business needs.

How does Zenler Online billing work?

At the end of your free trial you can select from any of our subscription plans. When you select a plan you’ll be asked to enter a credit card to complete your purchase. Zenler will charge your card for the plan you selected, and then renew your plan each month until you cancel.

From where I get Zenler Online plans details?

Check out Zenler Online pricing page (http://www.zenler.com/pricing.php) for the Zenler Online plans.
Zenler Online plans start at just $99 per month with ZERO setup or termination fees. Cancel at any time you need.

Are there any setup fees for Zenler Online?

No. Zenler is very easy to setup and there is no setup or termination fees.

How do I upgrade Zenler Online plan?

Follow the steps below to upgrade your Zenler Online plan:

• Compare plans and decide what plan you need.

• Contact our sales team (sales@zenler.com) and let us know. Please mention the details in the field provided for message.

• Our support team replies back with necessary instructions. Allow up to 1 business day for processing your order.

What kind of support can I get for Zenler Online?

Zenler provides supports such as Live chat, Email support, Voice suppots, etc. Support does not cost you any additional charge.

Zenler Studio FAQ - Search Zenler Studio FAQ’s for your question regarding Zenler Studio.

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“ I have found Zenler Studio a user friendly product. Zenler easily blends into PowerPoint Presentations to create intuitive and professional educational programs. The application does not require programming knowledge, if one can use PowerPoint then Zenler Studio is a breeze. With Zenler Studio Pro creating puzzles and games are made simple. I recommend you try Zenler Studio for yourself! „
Alys Jordan - Distance & Instructional Librarian, Nova South Eastern University


“ Unbelievable!! Its that easy and fast. Zenler provides elearning authors an incredible tool in their own hands to easily create, publish, and update online training and learning interactions. Also Quizzes, ready to use interactivity models, templates etc ..that too within an environment that you already know. „
Gareth jones - Instructional Designer
Dream Health


“ Zenler Studio is highly superior to its competitors in many respects. Its ability to create interactive courses right within PowerPoint takes us to an entirely new level of eLearning development. I would say, this is the only product i see around with a Zero learning curve. „
David Hamilton - e-Learning Consultant | Gradient Groups

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