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With few clicks you can deliver, track and manage training programs effectively.

Zenler Online - Learning Management System


Zenler Online is a Learning Management System (LMS) On the Cloud. With few clicks you can publish your Zenler Courses online, manage, delivery and track trainee’s progress easily. Affordable Monthly subscription plans to choose from, No Setup Fee, Cancel Any Time. All Zenler Online Subscription plans get their own subdomain and are SSL enabled for highest possible secure encrypted access.

Manage, Deliver and Track eLearning Easily – On Demand & Affordable

Zenler Online manages courses created by Zenler Studio. Zenler online is the online platform to working with the courses created by using Zenler Studio. Zenler Online manages courses, course management includes assign course to trainees, track course details (score, time taken) and issue course certificates. Uploading Zenler courses to Zenler Online help to share the courses with worldwide audience.

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Publish Course to Zenler Online Learning Management System is the easiest way of sharing your e-learning content. The Zenler Online courses are accessible to any trainee with internet access.
To publish your Course from Zenler Studio to Zenler Online, follow these steps:
• First save your Zenler Studio Course.
• From the Zenler Studio Publish menu, select 'Publish To Zenler Online...

• ‘Publish to Zenler Online’ window will be open up. Provide Zenler Online account information here.

If you don’t have Zenler Online account you can easily create an account from Zenler Online Sign Up page. The first thing to work with Zenler courses the trainer need to signup for a Zenler Online account. Registering to Zenler Online is absolutely free. All registered trainer get a unique account URL as Zenler sub domain. Fill out the sign up form to begin your Zenler Online Trial.

• Click on the ‘Publish’ button. A ‘Select Player’ window appears. Here user can select the course player background theme. User can choose the existing themes or add new one by clicking the ‘Change Background’ button.

• Click the OK button to start the publishing process.

• After finishing the publishing process you will see Course successfully published to Zenler Online message. Select OK.

You can view all successfully published courses in Zenler Online account.


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“ I have found Zenler Studio a user friendly product. Zenler easily blends into PowerPoint Presentations to create intuitive and professional educational programs. The application does not require programming knowledge, if one can use PowerPoint then Zenler Studio is a breeze. With Zenler Studio Pro creating puzzles and games are made simple. I recommend you try Zenler Studio for yourself! „
Alys Jordan - Distance & Instructional Librarian, Nova South Eastern University


“ Unbelievable!! Its that easy and fast. Zenler provides elearning authors an incredible tool in their own hands to easily create, publish, and update online training and learning interactions. Also Quizzes, ready to use interactivity models, templates etc ..that too within an environment that you already know. „
Gareth jones - Instructional Designer
Dream Health


“ Zenler Studio is highly superior to its competitors in many respects. Its ability to create interactive courses right within PowerPoint takes us to an entirely new level of eLearning development. I would say, this is the only product i see around with a Zero learning curve. „
David Hamilton - e-Learning Consultant | Gradient Groups

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