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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zenler Online Schools?

Zenler is a super easy platform that lets you start your own branded website. It allows you to make money teaching your own courses online - Or Give it away free. It allows you to add your courses, set a price and get paid.

Zenler's Award winning learning tools has been in use in organisations across the globe and now we bring this technology to everyone.

Do I need to pay for hosting and bandwidth?

Absolutely No. Zenler handles all hosting and bandwidth for you. And yes that means unlimited courses/bandwidth.

How will I charge for my courses?

In order to publish paid course, you will have to connect your account with your Paypal account.

How does transaction fees work?

You get to keep 90% of course fee when you sell a course on your school. We take only 10% cut and this cut includes the Paypal fees. It's that simple.

When do I get my payments?

You will get your paid at the end of every month for the previous month. All your courses will have 30 day refund policy so at the end of each month you will get paid for previous month.

Do I need to use my own domain name?

When you signup for school you will get yourschoolname. domain name for free. But you could use your own domain name as well - this setup is included for free during our beta phase for a limited period.

Who owns the content of my school?

You own all of your content and student details.

Does Zenler charges a setup fee or a monthly fee?

Zenler is free to use and there are absolutely no setup fees

As of now, for signups during beta for a limited period, all advanced features including custom domains setup is included free.

Do I need to be technical to start my school?

Zenler is free to use and there are absolutely no setup fees

Absolutely Not. Nor you need to hire any expensive programmers. We made it dead easy that even your gran can start a school website and sell courses in couple of minutes.

How will students pay for courses?

Students are able to sign up for your courses with their Paypal/credit card.

Can my students view my school and my courses on mobile devices?

Yes! Zenler school is fully mobile responsive and optimized for use on any device.

What types of lessons can I create in my courses?

Video lessons are the recommended format for your school, but you can build your course however you want. You can also create text lessons, embed third party lessons, and add any attachments, such as PDFs, docs, audio, etc., as supplements to your courses.

Zenler also supports eLearning standard SCORM, we also give away free version of our award winning tool Zenler Studio for schools free with the school. Still having questions? Contact Us

Can I release my lessons in a timely manner?

Yes you can drip your courses. i.e,. you can set a time delay between different sections of your course. Ideal if you want to run as a membership site with lessons being revealed daily or weekly. Some instructors use this method to reduce likelihood of refunds as well.

Award winning technology

Our technology that powers eLearning in organisations across the globe now powers your own online coaching school.

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