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Add Courses

Upload your video/text courses to your school. Super Fast Video Hosting that plays beautifully on mobiles.

Your own Branding

Customize the look and feel for your site without any technical knowledge. Your logo, colors, themes & more.

Sell Your Course Online

Start accepting payments instantly. We do all the heavy lifting for you - hosting, student registration & payments for you.

We do all the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what you do the best.

Free to Use

Zenler handles all the super fast hosting and bandwidth for you for free. Yes you heard that right!. There are no monthly charges and no setup fees. Zenler transaction fee is only 10% + $1 for paid courses. And yes you can offer free courses as well for free.

Fully Mobile Responsive Site

Your school and courses looks beautiful on any device - mobile, tablet and desktops. Students can move seamlessly between devices and start off from where they have left before.

Accept Payments Instantly

Students can pay by credit card or Paypal. Different payment models available including subscription & bundles. Create Discount coupons to drive sales.

Drip Lessons

Your own membership site. Reveal your course content in a timely fashion. You can drip content by weeks or days. Lets say you are running a 4 week course or a 7 day course for example. Also used by instructors to reduce likelihood of refunds.

Your Own Affiliate Program

Get others to promote your courses. You can appoint affiliates or get them to signup to your affiliate program and they can promote your courses. You can set commission you want to pay to your affiliate. We then handle the payments to the affiliates automatically

Zero Technical Skills Required

Seriously, even your nan could do it. Easy course publishing and setup for your school website. No need to spend $$ hiring developers when you can launch your school in minutes. You don't spend sleepless nights worrying whether your school website is running fine - we handle that for you.

Student Analytics

Exactly see what your students are doing on your school. Detailed reporting for student progress and sales/affiliate reports. Increase student stickiness by improving problem areas.

Your own domain name

You can setup your school under your own custom domain name "yourschoolname.com", or you could use your existing site and run your school under a subdomain school.yourwebsite.com. Or if you don't have a domain, don't worry you can use your Zenler school link yourschoolname.zenler.com itself.

Promoting your School

All good launching your school. But how to do you promote it? Zenler aims to provides all the tools for you to promote your course. You can integrate with 100's of marketing tools available from mail chimp, mixpanel & google analytics to segment.io for now. More exciting integrations to come soon.

Landing Page Designer

Create Awesome Landing Pages using the Super Easy Click & Edit Landing Page Designer. Select from high converting landing page designs and just change any text, color, change background image/color from stunning images, icons from icon gallery, add instructor images and more.



Your school and course pages are SSL enabled for secure payments, registration and credibility. You totally own all your content and your student data. Your site is also automatically backed up.

Awesome Community Support

You get access to our awesome community of instructors running Zenler schools. Learn from other instructors, get help, share and grow together.

Teach and Sell courses online from your own branded website

Your own membership site with drip delay for courses.

Add Lessons to your Course, Set a price or give it away free. Start accepting payments instantly. We do all the heavy lifting for you including hosting, bandwidth, learner registration & payments. You don't pay us a thing until you start selling your courses. You get to keep 90% of course price when you sell. No other charges.

Featured Instructors

  • When I found Zenler I was absolutely blown away. Not only the platform was easy to use but the support was there. Anytime day and night I could reach out to them, ask a question and 99% of time they honoured it quickly. I highly recommend partnering with Zenler. Our first year from tremendously successful and the revenue was absolutely insane. There is just no body else out there thats any better. I definitely recommend Zenler for hosting and creating your course.

    - Duane Huff, Band Leadership Online

  • I was previously with another platform which didn't provide me with the freedom I needed, such as pricing my courses at whatever I chose or allowing me to directly email my students. When I found Zenler I was extremely happy with the freedom it provided me in controlling my courses. Zenler's course platform is very easy to use, the uploading process and ability to change and design everything in my school was very simple. And I love the ability to drip delay course content. I found Zenler staff and support to be excellent and they always get back to me very quickly. If you are looking for a course management platform I would highly recommend Zenler. Unlike other platforms that charge a monthly fee, Zenler is free to use. It's been a pleasure to work with Zenler.

    - Chris Spink, Law of Attraction Courses

  • I am a proud owner of a Zenler School. I have been working with Zenler for little over six months. They helped me port courses from another platform and I must say it was very easy for my students to work with my courses. The other great thing about Zenler is their staff are very eager to help, even going so far to implement some suggestions that I made. For anyone considering putting courses on Zenler, I would highly encourage to do so. Its just a pleasure working with Zenler.

    - David Lantz, Generation Self Employed

  • The technical side of things I really don't want to get bothered with. It's all the back end stuff that frustrates me and really for all intends and purposes it just slows me down, thats why Zenler is so great. The good thing about it is there is no cost to you because its a partnership between you and zenler. I found the upload process, the way to get the information up online, the versatility in changing some colour schemes, designing the way things are going to look on your site. Well it was so easy to understand and so easy to implement, thats why i recommend you try Zenler.

    - Jeff Whitaker, Your Story Academy

  • Setup for Zenler was very efficient and stream lined. They know what they are doing and they know how to get your courses online in a timely manner. They also offer marketing advice and tips on how to make your courses better. I highly recommend Zenler for any class that you want to put online whether its free or paid. They will help get your message to the masses

    - David Creel ,Money 101

  • My darling @ZenlerTeam I cannot wait until Valentine's Day. I have to tell you now. I think I am falling head over heels in love with you.

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Award winning technology

Our technology that powers eLearning in organisations across the globe now powers your own online coaching school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zenler Online Schools?

Zenler is a super easy platform that lets you start your own branded website. It allows you to make money teaching your own courses online - Or Give it away free. It allows you to add your courses, set a price and get paid.

Zenler's Award winning learning tools has been in use in organisations across the globe and now we bring this technology to everyone.

Do I need to pay for hosting and bandwidth?

Absolutely No. Zenler handles all hosting and bandwidth for you. And yes that means unlimited courses/bandwidth.

How will I charge for my courses?

In order to publish paid course, you will have to connect your account with your Paypal account.

How does transaction fees work?

Zenler charges transaction fee of 10% + $1 for paid courses. Transaction fees are in addition to credit card/paypal processing fees. There are no charges whatsoever on free courses!

When do I get my payments?

You will get your paid at the end of every month for the previous month. All your courses will have 30 day refund policy so at the end of each month you will get paid for previous month.

Do I need to use my own domain name?

When you signup for school you will get yourschoolname. zenler.com domain name for free. But you could use your own domain name as well - this setup is included free for a limited period.

Can I release my lessons in a timely manner?

Yes you can drip your courses. i.e,. you can set a time delay between different sections of your course. Ideal if you want to run as a membership site with lessons being revealed daily or weekly. Some instructors use this method to reduce likelihood of refunds as well.

Does Zenler charges a setup fee or a monthly fee?

Zenler is free to use and there are absolutely no setup fees

For a limited period, all advanced features including custom domains setup is included free.

Do I need to be technical to start my school?

Zenler is free to use and there are absolutely no setup fees

Absolutely Not. Nor you need to hire any expensive programmers. We made it dead easy that even your gran can start a school website and sell courses in couple of minutes.

How will students pay for courses?

Students are able to sign up for your courses with their Paypal/credit card.

Can my students view my school and my courses on mobile devices?

Yes! Zenler school is fully mobile responsive and optimized for use on any device.

What types of lessons can I create in my courses?

Video lessons are the recommended format for your school, but you can build your course however you want. You can also create text lessons, embed third party lessons, and add any attachments, such as PDFs, docs, audio, etc., as supplements to your courses.

Zenler also supports eLearning standard SCORM, we also give away free version of our award winning tool Zenler Studio for schools free with the school. Still having questions? Contact Us

Who owns the content of my school?

You own all of your content and student details.

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